Welcome to Penya Blaugrana London!

Welcome to Penya Blaugrana London (PB London), the home of London Barça fans.

If you live, work or are just visiting the London area, come and visit us on a match day at Bar&Co, official PB London premises.  

Penya Blaugrana London provides an environment where FC Barcelona fans can socialise, enjoy, meet other FC Barcelona fans and make frienships. PB London, as an official Penya, is committed to participate and assist FC Barcelona in activities in the London area, such as Champions League matches against London teams. PB London is also committed to promote FC Barcelona historical values of social integration, civic responsability, respect, tolerance, sportsmanship, solidarity, fair play, democracy and catalanity.

Penya Blaugrana London is proudly the oldest official FCB penya outside of Spain, established in 1985, and the most multi-cultural with up to 32 nacionalities.

Vine a visitar-nos a la Penya Blaugrana de Londres!

Ven a visitarnos a la Peña Blaugrana de Londres!

PBL 30th Anniversary Dinner

Penya Blaugrana London was featured in Diari Sport!!!!

It talks about our 30th anniversary celebration that will take place in Barcelona this November 28th.

Penya Blaugrana London is proudly the oldest official FCB penya outside of Spain, and the most multi-cultural penya.

PB London in diari Sport, talking about 30th anniversary

PBL in Mundo Deportivo: Trip to Berlin and BBQ Party

Penya Blaugrana London was featured in Mundo Deportivo with an article talking about the trip to Berlin and the summer BBQ party.

The internet article can be found here

PBL in Mundo Deportivo: Berlin and summer BBQ party

Penya Blaugrana London nationalities - 2014-15

Penya Blaugrana London is proudly the most multi-cultural official FCB penya with 32 different nationalities!!!

Penya Dinner organised by Berlin Penya - Champions League Final

As it is customary, Penya Blaugrana London attended the pre-match Champions League Final dinner organised by Penya Berlin.  

Penya Blaugrana London sent a delegation of 9 members!

Signature collection for the FC Barcelona 2015 Elections

Penya Blaugrana London will be collecting signatures for the FC Barcelona 2015 elections.  

These are the three pre-candidates that you will be able to back (we hope to get more on board!):

The signature collection will take place at Bar&Co this Saturday between 5pm and 7.30pm. All FCB members that come to the penya to back a pre-candidate will be given a PBL pin!

If you cannot come to Bar&Co this Saturday, please send an email to contact@pblondon.org with your UK address and your favourite pre-candidate, and we will post a backing form to you.

IMPORTANT – You will need:

  • Your 2015 FCB Soci number
  • A photocopy of your passport or identity card (both sides)
  • You need to have been a FCB member for over a year
  • You can only back one pre-candidate
For more information, check out our Facebook Event

DISCLAIMER: Penya Blaugrana London will maintain a neutral position during all the campaign and we will not back any candidates. We are however providing a service to FC Barcelona and its members by assisting all pre-candidates that request our help to reach out to FCB members in London and the UK.

Address: Bar&co, Temple Pier, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2R 2PN


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