Welcome to Penya Blaugrana London!

Welcome to Penya Blaugrana London (PB London), the home of London Barça fans.

If you live, work or are just visiting the London area, come and visit us on a match day at Bar&Co, official PB London premises.  

Penya Blaugrana London provides an environment where FC Barcelona fans can socialise, enjoy, meet other FC Barcelona fans and make frienships. PB London, as an official Penya, is committed to participate and assist FC Barcelona in activities in the London area, such as Champions League matches against London teams. PB London is also committed to promote FC Barcelona historical values of social integration, civic responsability, respect, tolerance, sportsmanship, solidarity, fair play, democracy and catalanity.

Penya Blaugrana London is proudly the oldest official FCB penya outside of Spain, and the most multi-cultural with up to 25 nacionalities.

Vine a visitar-nos a la Penya Blaugrana de Londres!

Ven a visitarnos a la Peña Blaugrana de Londres!

Patrick O'Connell Memorial Fund

Patrick O’Connell was FC Barcelona’s manager between 1935-1940 during the difficult Spanish Civil War years. He died penniless and destitute in London on 27 February 1959.

Penya Blaugrana London has joined the campaign organized by the Patrick O’Connell Memorial Fund to raise awareness and monies to restore his unmarked paupers grave in North London and build statues and/or busts at each of the clubs he played for and managed.

Patrick O'Connell, center,, manager of FC Barcelona during 1935-40

Penya Blaugrana San Francisco visiting PBL

A delegation of the Penya Blaugrana San Francisco headed by their president Robert Mason visited Penya Blaugrana London for the Rayo league game.  

It is always a great experience meeting with FCB fan clubs from the other side of the world!

PBL Members by Region

Many people incorrectly assume that because FC Barcelona is a Catalan club, most PBL members must be Catalans.  

In fact, Catalans only make up 38% of our membership, closely followed by 30% UK nationals and 22% from Rest of the World.  PBL is a very diverse and socially integrated fan club, and we are very proud of it!

PBL Is the Most Multicultural official FCB penya

Did you know that Penya Blaugrana London is not only the oldest official FC Barcelona penya outside of Spain, but also proudly the most multi-cultural penya?

Below the list of nationalities outside of Catalonia and Spain that make up Penya Blaugrana London.

To join Penya Blaugrana London, visit www.pblondon.org/join 

Dominican Republic
South Africa
United Kingdom

Meet the new PBL Badge!

After many years in service, we have given the PBL badge a well-deserved full makeover with a cleaner and simpler look, official FCB colours and two stars. And in case you were wondering, each star represents a Champions League title won in London: 1992 and 2011.

New PBL badge!

RIP Tito Vilanova

No words can describe the sadness of losing such a fighter, inspirational figure and devoted family man. Cancer decided to rob his life and dream job at just 45. Today FC Barcelona has lost a much loved family member. Today, we all mourn.

Forever with us. 

RIP Tito.

Penya Blaugran London

RIP Tito Vilanova.  Forever with us


Penya Blaugrana London Badge

Meet the new Penya Blaugrana London Badge (pin)

All PBL members will get one!

If interested, please get in touch with contact@pblondon.org


Penya Blaugrana London Badge (Pin)


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