Away Match Activity Points Form

Please register your "away" Activity Points.

The board has been collecting the Activity Points for events at Bar&Co.

For the Activity Points away from Bar&Co, you need to register your attendance in this form.

These are the Activity Point rules taken from the Ticket Rules (Section 2.2.c):

  • Attending a FCB match screening at a PBL official premise – 1 point
  • Attending a PBL social activity – 2 points
  • Attend PBL organised dinner with FCB or World Penyes Federation representation – 2 points
  • Attend a PBL organised trip to watch FCB at a stadium – 1 point
  • Attend pre-match fan gathering  – 1 point
  • Attend another FCB penya event representing PBL – 2 points
  • Introduce a member to PBL – 2 points

Please submit one entry for each Activity Point that you want to claim