PBL Ticket Rules

Summary version

This is a summarised version of what is needed to apply for tickets via Penya Blaugrana London. For full details please read the PBL Ticketing Rules.


How can I apply for tickets?

Fill in and submit the form in www.pblondon.org/ticket-application

Make a bank transfer with the ticket deposit to the PBL bank account:

  • Reference: Your name and membership number
  • Sort code: 40-02-44
  • Account No: 22456915
For enquiries send an email to tickets@pblondon.org
Who can apply for tickets?

These are the requirements to enter the higher priority ticket draw:

  • Members with a membership length of time over 4 months 
  • Members that have attended at least 5 PBL organised events in the last 3 months. Real Madrid, finals and semi-final matches excluded.
  • Members that have been acquainted with at least one board member
  • Members that have not applied for tickets with other official FCB penyas
  • Members that do not have a ticket (or are not likely to have one by other means)

* If you do not meet the above criteria, you are still able to apply for ticket but will have lower priority in ticket allocation

What if there is not enough tickets for everybody?

Tickets will be raffled amongst members

Your deposit will be fully returned if you do not get any tickets

What are my obligations if I get a ticket?

If you cannot attend the match, you need to return the ticket to PBL board

Transfer of tickets is strictly forbidden, not even to other penya members

It is your responsability to collect the tickets at the agreed location and time. If you fail to do so, the board reserves the right to allocate your ticket to another member

If I join the penya, will I get a ticket?

Our ticket rules are designed to discourage people joining the penya just to get tickets. To have access to tickets, it is a requirement you are well known to the board. Also, to qualify for the priority raffle you will need to be socially active in the penya.

As a rule of thumb, if the only thing you want is to buy tickets, then our advice is not join PBL because you will get none. You'll be better off saving your membership fee money and visiting a ticket agency such as Ticket Master instead.

On the other hand, if you want to join a community of FC Barcelona fans alike, then PBL is the right place for you!

What are Activity Points and how can I get them?

The objective of the penya is to get members active and socialising with each other. 

Activity Points is an attempt at measuring how active a member has been, and the chances of getting a ticket are directly proportional to the Activity Points accummulated throughout the season. In other words, the more active a member is, the more chances he or she will have to get a ticket.

Attending a PBL screening is usually 1 Activity Point, and you will need to sign up in a sheet controlled by the board.

For other events away from our penya base, you need to register your activity here www.pblondon.org/activity-points to get the Activity Points.




Ticketing Rules

(for PDF version: PBL Ticketing Rules)

A penya ticket is a ticket allocated to Penya Blaugrana London that is then sold among penya members.  This document defines the terms and conditions of these tickets, and the rules that define how these tickets are distributed among members.

This document needs to be read in conjunction with the Penya Blaugrana London statutes.

1. Terms and conditions
1. Terms and conditions
   a) Penya tickets remain the property of Penya Blaugrana London at all times. Members only pay for the right to use the ticket, and does not imply ownership. 
   b) Members must pay the full amount of the ticket, even if cannot attend the match.
   c) If the member no longer needs the penya ticket, it must be returned to the penya. The resale or transfer of penya tickets is strictly forbidden.  The member is still liable for the ticket cost unless the ticket can be allocated to another penya member.
   d) Members must collect the ticket at the location and time specified by the Board.  If a ticket is not collected on time, the board reserves the right to award the ticket to another member, in which case the member does not need to pay for the ticket. 
   e) For minors (younger than 16 years old), the member must have an accompanying association member 16 or over that will take responsibility of the minor.  
   f) Providing false information or breaching any rule of these terms and conditions will result in a disciplinary hearing.
   g) The Board reserves the right to sell unassigned and unwanted tickets by penya members to recover the expense.
   h) The Board will make public to its members the number of tickets allocated to the penya, including additional tickets allocated after the raffle

2. Ticket Allocation Rules
2.1 Member Eligibility 
Members are eligible to penya tickets ONLY if they meet these requirements:

    a) Have submitted their ticket application before the official deadline announced by the Board
    b) Have paid the required deposit before the official deadline announced by the Board
    c) Have not applied for tickets for the same event with another official FC Barcelona Penya
    d) Notify the board before the raffle of any tickets available or likely to be available to them.
    e) Have not applied for tickets with FCB directly, unless the board explicitly communicates in the official ticket announcement that this is allowed for this match.  If the member is awarded a ticket through both FCB and the penya, the member must return this ticket back to the penya so that it can be either handed to another member, or returned back to FCB. If the event the penya was not able to recoup the ticket money, the member is liable to pay the full ticket price.
    f) Have consented and provided all information necessary to be registered as an official Penya member with FC Barcelona
    g) At least one board member must be acquainted with the member
    h) The member meets all rules and restrictions that FC Barcelona might introduce in this ticket application. 
    i) In the eventuality that FC Barcelona requires that only FC Barcelona socis can apply for Penya tickets, the member must have provided his or her FC Barcelona Soci details to the Penya before the board official announcement of the Penya ticket application.
    j) If the member has a length of time of less than 3 months (e.g. new member), then must have at least 5 Activity Points.

2.2 PBL Activity Points

Members gain Activity Points by participating in PBL activities. These are the rules that determine how to obtain Activity Points
   a) Members accumulate Activity Points throughout the season by participating in PBL events.
   b) Activity Points are reset on 1st June
   c) These are the standard Activity Points for each event.
  • Attending a FCB match screening at a PBL official premise – 1 point
  • Attending a PBL social activity – 2 points
  • Attend PBL organised dinner with FCB or World Penyes Federation representation – 2 points
  • Attend a PBL organised trip to watch FCB at a stadium – 1 point
  • Attend pre-match fan gathering  – 1 point
  • Attend another FCB penya event representing PBL – 2 points
  • Introduce a member to PBL – 2 points
   d) The board might decide to award extra activity points for some events as long as members are notified at least 24 hours before the event. A maximum of 5 Activity Points can be allocated to any given event.
   e) A board representative will provide an Activity Point Sheet for each event. Members need to sign the point sheet at the event to obtain the Activity Points.
   f) For some events, the board might decide that no Activity Point Sheet is necessary. The board will automatically give Activity Points to members that participated.
   g) The board can award Bonus Activity Points to one or more specific events in the future.  Bonus Activity Points are additional to any Activity Points awarded for Article 2.2.d
2.3 Ticket Raffle Rules
All tickets awarded to the penya will be raffled according to the following rules:
   a) One ticket will be directly assigned to the Board to ensure official representation at the match.  This does not exclude Board members participating in the main draw
   b) Each ticket applicant is given as many raffle numbers as PBL Activity Points
   c) A raffle number is chosen randomly
   d) The member with the lucky raffle number is awarded a ticket.  All raffle numbers for that member are removed from the draw
   e) The raffle continues until all tickets are awarded